Current Projects

Current projects include Roaming CIC, the admin team of Telltales (local writing group) and a translation of Lambert Wiesing’s recent book, Luxus (Luxury).

Roaming is a community interest company that works in partnership with St Petroc’s Society, supporting single homeless people in Cornwall.   It presents a challenge to almost everything I ever thought about many things, perhaps above all the concept of “charity” (from a Greek word that was tranlated into English for a long time as “love”).  Roaming is a mutual taking and giving for all of us, I think.

Telltales is based in Falmouth–a fine name, especially in light of its resonance with telltales, the little pieces of fabric ties on a sailboat’s stay or sail to make the wind direction visible.

Luxury consciously avoids both sweeping approval and sweeping condemnation of the phenomenon, and instead argues in steps toward a definition in terms of a very particular, unique experience.