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Flusser on Photography

This essay, “Out of Language: Photography as Translation” has been accepted for publication in the Routledge Companion to Photography Theory, only it isn’t clear when the volume will be in print. One of the editors thought it would be OK to share it…

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It has nothing to do with ostentation and need not be expensive. It has everything to do with inefficiency, wastefulness and impracticality. In this book, Lambert Wiesing sets out to simply describe luxury. Rather than…

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Luxus — Luxury — is the title of Lambert Wiesing’s most recent book, published by Surkamp in August this year.  I’ve translated the introduction, which proposes that that luxury is not a quality inherent in…

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Yesterday I read about a phenomenologist’s effort to position imagination with respect to other cognitive functions.  The argument was that although imagination is thin, which I think means fragile or fleeting, it is autonomous, independent…

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Does Writing Have a Future? (Flusser’s book)

Flusser’s voice sounds plaintive in this book.  His own attachment to writing seems to intensify as he describes a contemporary weakening, thinning of  “historical consciousness,” that consciousness that writing created and always sustained. For in the…

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