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Writing and Digging

  My first reading at Telltales (the writers group in Falmouth–see last post) was called “Daisies”.  It’s pretty much a description of something that happened to me–hard to say exactly when, but within the past…

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Burning Bread

“Prepared” by having been in a slow oven overnight, the loaf that appears in Charlie Sinclair’s fine image Burning Bread is perhaps nearly incredible but not quite.  In fact it’s perfectly “straight” photography: the bread has become charcoal,…

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Plausible Fictions

Suppose photographing is, in fact, an act of projecting, rather than “capturing”  extant meaning.   Rather than records, then, photographs present possibilities, sometimes in tremendously persuasive detail.  Photographs are what comes of using our tools to…

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Is fiction “theory”? is “theory” fiction?

Suppose Flusser is “wrong” about most things.  He could only be wrong in the sense of someone working within a scientific model–probably a rather narrow one at that, someone who expects to predict something, or…

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Flusser the Writer

Flusser is usually described as a philosopher.   By “trade,” he was  a critic — of language, photography, film, art,  design, and social practice.  He was also a teacher and someone who wrote critically about…

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