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It has nothing to do with ostentation and need not be expensive. It has everything to do with inefficiency, wastefulness and impracticality. In this book, Lambert Wiesing sets out to simply describe luxury. Rather than…

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This Little Art

It’s not often that you read a book that seems to be written at least partly with you in mind.  Kate Briggs’s This Little Art, from Fitzcarraldo Editions, is about translation. That simple declaration says…

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True Translation

Translation was such an integral part of Flusser’s writing practice that it seems intrusive to translate again, or to translate what he did not.  He was not in any way reassuring about the issue either:  “…I…

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The Visibility of the Image

I am pleased to be the translator of this, the second edition of Lambert Wiesing’s Die Sichtbarkeit des Bildes.  The book, first published in 1996,  draws on the history of formal aesthetics to present an introduction…

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