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Flusser’s Untranslatability

There’s a conference coming up next year with the title “Flusser’s Languages.” One of the questions to be addressed is, “Is Flusser untranslatable?’ Yes, I think he is. And although the same might be said…

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A Photographer on Mars

Opportunity Rover was a very engaging robot.  It “lived” on Mars for nearly 15 years, gathering and transmitting data back to earth; it “died” or, as NASA put it, completed its mission on 13 February 2019.  In terms…

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Yesterday I read about a phenomenologist’s effort to position imagination with respect to other cognitive functions.  The argument was that although imagination is thin, which I think means fragile or fleeting, it is autonomous, independent…

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Experiments in Photography

Revelations: Experiments in Photography will open at the Science Museum in London on 20 March.  I’m reviewing it for Source, and looking foward to seeing images I’ve liked for a very long time, such as…

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Mira Schendel and Tate Papers

Unaccustomed as we may be to thinking of an artist as having “influenced” a philosopher, rather than the other way around, it seems clear that Mira Schendel had considerable impact on Vilem Flusser.  I’ve tried…

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A “good” photograph

Is it “good”? Technically, it’s OK–comprehensible, decent colour, decent resolution.  The family doesn’t look hysterically happy; everyone seems a little introspective by  contemporary standards.. But it’s from 1947–probably the shot for the Christmas card. Another possible criterion:…

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Babel Fiche

Dave Griffiths is a filmmaker who thinks seriously about history, and who has clearly been affected by Flusser’s thought.  He is the kind of practitioner I’m sure Flusser meant by the term Einbildner (I translated…

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Translation for a Recovered Text

Lucy Skaer’s new work Film for an Abandoned Projector is showing–Thursday evenings–at the Lyric Picture House, Armley, Leeds. I was  really, really pleased to be able to give a talk about it last Thursday, October…

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Film for an Abandoned Projector

I’ve been invited to talk about this work on 20 October, in Leeds.  I’m nervous already.  But the work is wonderful, and will be running as I’m talking…I think..and that’s reassuring. The projector in question…

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Walead Beshty

I’ve just done a review for Source–very short–of a catalogue of Beshty’s work called Natural Histories, a collaboration between a museum in Malmo, Sweden, and another in Madrid.  I didn’t have enough space to give…

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