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family projections

Flusser insisted that photographs project possibilities, rather than “capturing” or “recording” or “reproducing” anything.  So all those lovely shots you may have of yourself as a very young child, smiling at the camera–or not — should…

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Art as Ritual

Flusser felt that the term “art”– in the West — was almost always understood either as “work”–intended to change the world—or as “communication”—intended to share something with another person.  He thought both were wrong. “The…

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The image is a still from Paolo Ciregia’s project Perestroika, an account of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014.  It was shown as part of the Diffusion 2017 festival in Cardiff, 1 – 31…

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Protreptic Writing

I am grateful to Lambert Wiesing for having described and named a form of writing that does not set out to demonstrate the truth or value of the author’s views as such, but provides the…

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How to See the World

Introducing a distinctly academic field to general readers is not easy.  In his new book How to See the World, the eminent theorist of visual culture Nicholas Mirzoeff undertakes the task of introducing visual culture…

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Made at Roaming

  Reproduced here is one of many images made recently at Roaming Penzance (see for more about the organization).  Given that the group meets just once a week, and then only for a few…

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In an article in in TLS for April 10 of this year (“Traces of the Holy,”) Matthew Bown raises a question about the ‘symbolic economy’ in which some people pay astronomical sums for works of contemporary art…

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Still Life with Woodpecker

Woodpecker is the logo image for Roaming CIC (Community Interest Company) …it just has the sort of shape, colour, and personality to be our logo, and it was made collectively at Roaming.  We hadn’t actually…

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Roaming in Principle

“community interest company” is a remarkably fluid, and I suspect broad category recognized by Companies House, the registry of companies in the UK.  It resembles a charity in some ways, but with a different organizational  structure….

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The Modern Lens

Expectations  figure prominently in the experience of this exhibition, currently on view at Tate St.-Ives. You can just admire the images, of course, and there is a lot to admire.  The print reproduced here is a…

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