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“Designing” Ourselves?

The German word “Entwurf” — a draft or drawing — is closely related, a kind of reversal of the verb “werfen,” which is to throw, or hurl, or toss. Flusser uses the association to describe…

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homo ludens

Flusser is well-known as a “media theorist,” and hardly known at all as a “games theorist.” But games figure often and prominently in his thinking and writing from the time of his earliest publications in…

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family projections

Flusser insisted that photographs project possibilities, rather than “capturing” or “recording” or “reproducing” anything.  So all those lovely shots you may have of yourself as a very young child, smiling at the camera–or not — should…

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“What if…?”:

What if we just took the “what if?” state of mind to be playing? I find I really need a definition, and this is both simple and versatile (I can’t be the only one who…

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What can’t be photographed

The photographs sent back to earth from Mars have a kind of “signature,” something that both acknowledges the colossal technical achievement of the mission and clearly signals its photographic limits. In particular, many of the…

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At the September meeting of Telltales (writing group based in Falmouth), I read “Honeywell”, a short piece about the Minneapolis company now gone global.  It was a response to the theme chosen for that session,…

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Writing and Digging

  My first reading at Telltales (the writers group in Falmouth–see last post) was called “Daisies”.  It’s pretty much a description of something that happened to me–hard to say exactly when, but within the past…

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The Blind Photographer

I recently reviewed this book (in Source: The Photographic Review 87).  The information–both the images and the slight details about the photographers–is more than sufficient to provoke a rethinking of vision itself.  I would have…

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True Translation

Translation was such an integral part of Flusser’s writing practice that it seems intrusive to translate again, or to translate what he did not.  He was not in any way reassuring about the issue either:  “…I…

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The Visibility of the Image

I am pleased to be the translator of this, the second edition of Lambert Wiesing’s Die Sichtbarkeit des Bildes.  The book, first published in 1996,  draws on the history of formal aesthetics to present an introduction…

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