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Until today, I had never heard of it: “Introduced in electron microscopy by Hegerl and Hoppe in the early 1970s, “ptychography” (pronounced “tychography”) is an imaging method that combines diffraction data from multiple datasets obtained…

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“Designing” Ourselves?

The German word “Entwurf” — a draft or drawing — is closely related, a kind of reversal of the verb “werfen,” which is to throw, or hurl, or toss. Flusser uses the association to describe…

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homo ludens

Flusser is well-known as a “media theorist,” and hardly known at all as a “games theorist.” But games figure often and prominently in his thinking and writing from the time of his earliest publications in…

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family projections

Flusser insisted that photographs project possibilities, rather than “capturing” or “recording” or “reproducing” anything.  So all those lovely shots you may have of yourself as a very young child, smiling at the camera–or not — should…

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Flusser’s Untranslatability

There’s a conference coming up next year with the title “Flusser’s Languages.” One of the questions to be addressed is, “Is Flusser untranslatable?’ Yes, I think he is. And although the same might be said…

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Post photography

The resonance of “post-photography” with “post-modernism” can hardly be avoided. There will be an academic conference in Lucerne in November entitled “The Post-photographic Apparatus”. Assuming the term “apparatus” draws, perhaps substantially, on Flusser’s framework, it…

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David Antin’s wonderful remark about modernism has been coming back to me a lot lately: “From the modernism you want, you get the postmodernism you deserve”.  I’m guessing he said it sometime in the 1970s or…

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Humanities now

In a very early essay called “Games,” Flusser announced his intention to characterize “humans” not in terms of differences from animals, but rather differences from their “apparatuses”.  He doesn’t offer any explanation about what prompted the…

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Mysterious Minoan: Crete and Linear A

Among the many memories of a recent trip to Crete are two different scripts that were developed there. Linear B is an early form of Greek, but Linear A, which seems to use the same characters…

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Videogames and Alternative Worlds

Flusser‘s late – 1991 — essay “Digitaler Schein” (“Digital Semblance“) in Medienkultur (Media Culture) examines what he calls “alternative worlds,” specifically those that have just begun to appear on computer screens at the time he was…

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